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I provide on-site massage therapy treatments at The Heights at Mount View retirement home.

Working with seniors presents a unique set of rewards and challenges. My goal is to provide time in their day that is all about them (don't we all need that!?) where they can receive quality attention and human contact. 

The massage is always adapted to each person's needs and preferences. Treatments range from focused therapy on a specific complaint (massage is great for reducing aches and pains) to a more general massage providing quality touch to decrease stress and improve their well-being (usually a bit of both!).

I can bring a portable massage table or massage chair, but most often I'm treating seniors in their beds or wheelchairs. I typically work through clothing, and usually without oil. 

I regularly visit multiple care homes in Victoria and can work with staff to set up visits for you or a loved one (note that shorter treatments at a reduced rate are available at facilities where I see multiple clients).

If you know I regularly visit your care home, sign up forms are available at the front desk. If not:

Contact me at 250-889-3923 or tru@trurmt.com


Conditions That Massage Therapy Treats:


- Arthritis (often much of the pain is muscular)

- Muscle cramps, tension, or 'knots'

- Tendonitis

- Headaches

- Being generally sore, stiff, achy (often from immobility)

- Constipation


- Post stroke recovery

- Weakness

- Shortened Muscles

- Decreased hand dexterity

- Frozen shoulder

- Stiff/painful jaw


Other Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy not only feels wonderful and provides quality contact, but it also:

- increases circulation

- reduces muscle soreness

- decreases swelling

- promotes relaxation and sense of well-being

- decreases depression and improves overall attitude

- improves sleep


Clients I Work With Often Have:

- Dementia/Alzheimers/Etc.

- Heart Conditions (those on blood thinners receive lighter treatment)

- Lung Conditions (COPD, Emphysema)

- Cancer

- Diabetes

- Artificial Joints

- Tubes (catheters, feeding tubes, oxygen etc.)

- Pacemakers

- Communication Difficulties (either mentally or physically, e.g. stroke)