Mobile Massage Therapy in Victoria and Pender Island

The RMT who comes to you - serving you in your home, B&B, hospital, or care centre

Massage in Hospitals, Care Facilities and Hospices

Massage therapy is a wonderful service for those receiving care in hospitals and hospices.

It provides necessary, quality human contact and interaction, therapeutic touch, and of course helps alleviate the effects of immobility such as headaches, sore necks, back and hips, leg cramps, as well as improve general circulation (non-circulatory strokes can be used when necessary).

Extra care and attention are placed on working with staff to ensure medication, equipment, and overall condition are compatible with the techniques used (if in doubt, please discuss receiving massage with your healthcare provider first). Massages are usually done in the hospital bed, since there are typically restrictions on bringing in outside equipment like a massage table or cushions.

This is a great gift for a loved one! I also encourage families to provide loving touch (rubbing the back, shoulders, head, hands, whatever they seem to like) and lots of hugs. I am happy to give tips to anyone with questions on things they can do.

Please contact me at 250-889-3923, or email (texts or emails typically get a faster response).