Clinic Covid Protocols

Please check back before each appointment, as guidelines and policies are often modified and updated! These protocols are based on the those released by the College of Massage Therapists of BC, BC's Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, and the BC Centre for Disease Control.

We must all do our part to limit the spread of Covid-19. To provide massage therapy sessions, it is impossible to follow all recommendations, namely keeping the recommended 2m apart. Some clients also have difficulty breathing with a mask on when face down. While we are all doing what we can to be safe, there can be no guarantee that a massage therapy session is free from exposure risks. To help mitigate the risks, the following protocols are in place

Patient Responsibilities

  • There is no late-cancellation fee if you are sick (though please provide as much notice as possible, and there is still the no-show fee, which is 100% of the treatment cost).
  • Please fill out the Covid questionnaire/agreement prior to your first visit and keep me apprised of any changes to your health, risk factors, or a positive Covid-19 test. Please complete this self-assessment 24-48hrs before each appointment, and follow the recommendations if necessary regarding getting tested and self-isolating (call 811 if you have questions):
  • Please show up at your appointment time, not early, and wait outside until I come to let you in. We are not using the waiting room at this time.
  • Please sanitise your hands before entering (hand sanitizer provided) and wear a well-fitted, preferably medical grade mask, but at least a 3 layer cloth mask of reasonably tight weave, and without vents, or any vents tightly sealed with tape or similar. If you are having trouble breathing when face down on the massage table you can pull it down then, but you will be expected to wear it at all other times, including when face-up on the treatment table.
  • While distancing during the treatment is not possible, at all other times please keep a 2m distance from the therapist and others in the clinic.
  • Please use the designated black chair for yourself and your belongings, this is disinfected after every client.
  • Please use the washroom at home before coming to the clinic. Clients can use the clinic washroom but are encouraged to avoid it if possible. 
  • Please bring your own water, as the water and cups normally available in the waiting room have been removed.
  • It is recommended you change clothes when you get home after your appointment.

Therapist Responsibilities

  • I will be self-assessing constantly for any signs or symptoms of flu or cough and will cancel all appointments immediately if any develop and at that point I will be getting tested and self-quarantining for the recommended 10 days.
  • If either I or a client receives a positive Covid-19 test I will inform all other recent clients of the possible exposure as soon as possible (within 24 hours).
  • Disinfection protocols will be followed between clients, including disinfecting shared surfaces such as the table itself (focusing on the area around the headrest, including the hardware underneath), the client's chair, door handles, and anything I touch during treatment such as the oil bottle and light switch. Sheets are washed with bleach in addition to regular laundry soap.
  • I will be following handwashing and mask protocols both in and out of the clinic.
  • I will be following all guidelines for the general public when not in the clinic to reduce my possible exposure. 
  • The building has an HVAC system providing fresh air to the treatment room.

Thank you for your cooperation! It will help keep you, me, and others using the facilities safe!