About Me

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I now live on Pender Island full time. I have been giving massages since elementary school. It's a very natural way for me to engage with others and express myself. By grade 7 I was giving massages to friends, teachers, my friend's parents, my parent's friends etc. 

After high school, it seemed a natural choice to attend the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and I completed their 3 year, 3000 hour program in 2001.

I worked full time in massage therapy clinics until 2011, and then began providing mobile massage as well. I've always enjoyed working with people with complex issues and who are in true need of effective therapy. I figured what better group to help than those who can't get into a clinic! I also enjoy providing relaxation massages on-site as it's very rewarding to see people be able to completely relax and absorb the massage afterwards rather than having to get back in their car.

For those looking for true therapy, my approach is very direct and focused, with a real intent to have you feeling as good as possible, achieving significant, lasting results. Yet, my treatments are also quite comfortable (often looking for that "good pain"). My patients usually have little or no soreness as a result of my massages, which is important to me, especially considering I'm often working with the elderly, and others with low tolerance for pain and who are generally more sensitive than average.

That doesn't, however, necessarily mean I only go light. If very deep pressure is needed I do that, too! The best way to describe the pressure I use is "appropriate" - whether that means very deep or very light or anything in between depends on the client and their needs. This is also true for the techniques I use. I don't have a "routine" - each massage is highly customized. That keeps me much more engaged with my work and is much more effective for my clients.

Other things about me - after living briefly in Victoria in 2014, I have lived on beautiful Pender Island since 2015 and have three vibrant boys born in 2004, 2006, and 2009. I love the outdoors and Pender offers a lot in that regard - biking, kayaking, canoeing, disc golf, hiking, etc.. I have a side interest in self sufficiency - solar, rain water catchment, growing food (permaculture), food preservation, and generally living in a way that enhances nature rather than harming it! 

To contact me for an appointment, you can email me at or phone/text me at 250-889-3923 (texts and emails typically get a faster response).